Gaslight Brecon "Brecon"

WPCSA registration number: A-40407
foaled: May 30, 2000
Sire:Ceulan Lwycus
Dam: Ceulan Bounce

What can we say...he is everything we hoped for in a stallion. Brecon is magnificent, noble, and intelligent. He has a willingness to please. All these qualities lead to greatness, and he is on his way. Brecon resembles his dam, who is also bay in color, and has the regal presence of his sire. He has that alert, proud, winning attitude that shows so well in the halter classes.

His stunning sire, Ceulan Lwcus, is a champion many times over. In 2008, Lwcus was named Stallion of the Year! As a Lwcus son, we know Brecon will follow in his sire's winning footsteps in the show ring, and he will pass on these wonderful traits to his offspring.

In 2005, we are proud to say that Brecon had his first foal on the ground. The colt, Hickory Springs Donnachaidh (Duncan), a gallant chesnut roan, has the same "look at me" presence as his sire. Duncan has a lovely head, small ears, and wonderful conformation. We are proud to have this father and son of the Ceulan line at Hickory Springs. Spring of 2007, Brecon had his second foal on the ground, a lovely bay filly named Hickory Springs Bailee Rae out of our very own Hickory Springs Splenda. Brecon is again a father, and this time he was bred to our Arabian mare, Chloe who produced a lovely cherry chestnut filly we named Glory Bound!She is the first baby of the 2009 foaling season! We cannot wait to see what this stunning filly will do for us in the show ring!

We are proud to announce that Brecon, our foundation stallion, earned 4th place overall in the Section A Stallion division in the WPCSA Northeast Region for 2007!! We are pleased with his success and we know more will follow! Brecon is trained to drive and ride and he has impeccable ground manners.

Hickory Springs Donnachaidh (2005)
Gaslight Brecon x Rosmel's Strawberry Fizz

Hickory Springs Bailee Rae (2007)
Gaslight Brecon x Hickory Springs Splenda

Hickory Springs Glory Bound(2009)
Gaslight Brecon x Hickory Springs Chloe