Offered for your consideration:

Penelope, SOLD!

Hickory Springs Cypress, Sold!

Tide Creek Amigo, SOLD!

Hickory Springs Sugar Me Sweet, SOLD!

Hickory Springs Dreaming Of Geneva Sold!

We also offer a variety of other horses and youngstock that may not be currently listed. Please contact us for more information.

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Best wishes Nicki and Joseph from Elba, New York on the purchase of your new filly, Bobbie Jo! I know you will love driving your new pony in the future! Congratualtions!

Congratulations Paul from Ithaca, New York on the purchase of Amigo! I know you will love driving your new pony with your daughter! We are so happy for you both!

Congratulations Sarah on graduating from Findlay College! I hope Ana brings you joy and I know you will love her!

Congratulations to Carrie of Geneseo, New York on the purchase of Cypress! We are so pleased that your family decided to surprise you with this gorgoeus mare! Best wishes to you and your dream horse Carrie!

We are so happy for new owner, Sharon from Orchard Park, New York on your purchase of pretty girl, Penelope! Congratulations and best wishes for a long future together!

Best wishes to you Rosalind and your mom with your new show horse, Dreaming of Geneva, now known as Dreamer! Here's wishing you many joys and successes in future competitions.

Best wishes Sandy, of Ohio with your new colt, D'Artanian! Enjoy hitting the trails together!

Congratulations to the Curtis family on the purchase of Gilligan! We know the Curtis children will enjoy trail riding little Gilligan up in wishes Judy!

Santa indeed has found Bronte to be such a nice nice in fact that he is brought Domino to Bronte for Christmas!!! Congratulations Bronte...such a nice pony for such a nice girl, Merry Christmas!

Congratulations goes out to Pam and her daughter of Hampton, Minnesota on your purchase of Bonnie! We know that your family will love her just as much as we do here...looking forward to hearing about the birth of Bonnie's foal in June 2010! Happy New Year!

We are so happy for Marial of Spencerport, New York who is happy with her purchase of Apollo! Thanks for sharing with us that he is the favorite at the barn and the fastest pony around! Enjoy your new gelding!

Best wishes Trudy of Williamston, New York on buying your new gelding, Sunny from us! We are so happy to hear that you are "looking forward to lots of great rides in the future" and that "your friends can't get over his gait and presence when we ride!" Best wishes go out to the both of you! And thanks Kathy for bringing Trudy out to the farm to try Sunny.

Congratulations Judi from Rushville, NY on your purchase of Max! We know that you and Max will love hitting the trails this two will be so happy together! Best of luck with your boy!

Harley has a new owner,congrats to Purple Pony of Spencerport, NY! Harley will fit right in with Purple Pony pals at the farm! Happy Trails to YOU!!!

Thanks Donna from Ontario, NY on the purchase of Mike! We are so happy for you can ride the trails feeling safe and secure on your palomino horse! We wish you all the best with your new buddy! Congratulations Donna!

Congratulations to Ashlyn, from Columbia MO on your very own pony! We know that you and Hocus Pocus will be so very happy together! He will now have a girl of her own to love! Best of luck with your first pony!

Congratulations to Lisa and Jordan of Rochesport, MO on the purchase of Hickory Springs Donnacaidh, AKA Duncan! Jordan we wish you all the best with your new pony...look out pony clubs, here they come!

Thanks Julie from Columbia, IL on the purchase a little Mai Tai for your daughter, Sophia! We are happy Mai Tai has Sophia all to himself! Best of luck with your first pony honey! Formerly owned by Judge Karen Cabic of Palmyra, New York and sold through Hickory Springs Welsh Ponies.

Thanks Paul from Ohio...We are happy Bailee Rae found a girl of her own to love! Best of luck with your first pony!

Congratulations to Julie of Columbia, MO on the purchase of Stormfront! We know Stormy will be so happy at his new home with you at your brand new facility that you just built. We wish you much success Julie with your new pony!

Congratulations to Val Hogan on her purchase of Splenda! Splenda will begin her show career out of Huntington Meadow Stables, we wish you all the best!

Congratulations to Brooke and family of Fairport, New York on her purchase of Pizazz! Best of luck with your first pony!

Congratulations to Libby of Lansing, NY on her purchase of Sundae! Best of luck in Pony Club with this wonderful mare!

Congratulations to Brianna of Westford, VT on her purchase of Hickory Springs Breakaway ("Lance")

Congratulations to Madeline of Honeoye Falls, NY on her purchase of Golden Graham ("Potter")

Congratulations to Beverly of Canandaigua, NY on her purchase of Tonto!

Congratulations to Jon and Sarah Bates of High Hopes Farm on their purchase of Dandardel Baby Doll ("Sprite").

Congratulations to Karen of MA on her purchase of Inger ("Crimson"). Best of luck with this beautiful Premie Studbook Fresian mare!

Congratulations to Sarah of Rochester, New York on the purchase of Hickory Springs Royal Courier (Tristan). Best of luck with your new show pony!

Congratulations to Caroline of Warwick, NY on her purchase of Hickory Springs Juniper Breeze (Breezie)! We wish you the best of luck and lots of fun with your very first pony!

Domino has been sold! Congratulations Julie, we wish you and your new pony the best! Domino will continue her show career at her new home at Huntington Meadow Stables in Webster, New York. Thank you Valerie Hogan.

Scotty- Congratulations Justine! Best of luck in the future!

Best wishes to Pam and family of Webster, New York on their purchase of Ruger!

Congratulations to Taylor of Rochester, NY on his purchase of Thistle. Best wishes to you both!

Congratulations to Ashley of Norwood, NY. We're glad you and Lacie found each other.

Congratulations to Judy and White Horse Hill of Richmond, Mass. on your purchase of Noli.
We wish you all the best.

Congratulations to Belinda of Ionia, NY! We hope you and Zippy will be very happy.

AJ-SOLD! Thank you Gary Duffy.
Katy Scarlett
Filly foaled 3/20/06, gorgeous registered imported Friesian from Holland. Sired by European Carriage and Dressage Champion, Monte 378, out of our beautiful imported mare, Crimson. SOLD! Congratulations Joanne of Hope Valley, Rhode Island!